Don’t Be Overwhelmed!

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With the recent historic flooding it’s easy to get too overwhelmed. This action plan will help you take everything step-by-step to help bring you some relief. Remember that our team is always here to help all of your real estate needs! Make sure to click the link below for a free printable flyer!

A. Decide on Financing Options

__ Check Available Funds
__ Fema
__ Insurance
__ Research Loan Options
__ Construction Loan
__ Rehab Loans
__ SBA Loans

B. List of Contractors
__ Have Gutting Done
__ Detailed Clean Out
__ Mold/ Termite Preventative Spray
__ Mold Testing
__ Meet with an Interior Designer
__ Consider Hiring a Contractor or DIY
__ Sheetrock/ Painters
__ Flooring
__ Roofing
__ Electrical
__ Plumbing
__ Appliances
__ Lighting
__ Cabinets
__ Granite
__ Furniture/ Décor

Click Here for a free printable PDF Flood Plan Flyer!